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What can you expect from ASK Advocating Solutions for Kids ?

Initial Meeting- this will give you an opportunity to tell your story to someone who will listen childs graduation picture
Preparation- We review any documents you provide, review rules and regulations specific to your child’s situation. Meet with your child and any others that play an important role in your child’s success.
Strategic Planning Meeting- We meet with you to develop a plan to include all services and resources that may be available to you and your child. This would include educational services and non- educational services. You determine how much help we continue to provide.
IEP/ARD meetings- We can prepare you for the meeting or accompany you as an advocate to help.
Follow up- to insure the plan is implemented.

The goal is always to find the best solutions for kids.
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    Phone Kathy: 214-793-6352   or  email:
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