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Who Are We?

  Kathy Bennett, the founder of ASK has been an advocate for familiesKathy working with client for 30 years with a varied background in both the public service arena and the medical field. She possesses broad knowledge of systems available to children with special needs. She as these skills:
Bilingual (Spanish)
Licensed Social Worker
Certified Mediator 
Case manager through Texas Dept. of Health
Recipient of the 2004 Early Childhood Coalitions Child First Award
Recipient of the 2003, 2001 Outstanding Professional by Garland ISD
Mother of 2 children with learning disabilities
Mother of 1 gifted child
UT Southwestern Family Medicine Award for the Community Partner  of Excellence for Service 2015

    She has the expertise to consult with families facing the intimidating world of special needs services.girl writing with chalk She can help reclaim hope and success for your child, using both her professional training and experience along with the personal view of a caring parent.
Most parents do not know that physical, emotional disorders or learning disabilities entitle their child to coverage under the IDEA laws. These laws were enacted to accommodate all students with special needs.boys on bull

Is your child in need of any of these services?

  • Speech therapy
  • Reading or Writing help
  • Occupational Therapy
  • Tutoring

  • Assistive Technology
  • Physical Accommodations
  • Financial Assistance
  • Counseling/ Behavioral Health Treatment

We can help you get what your child needs.

   Phone Kathy: 214-793-6352   or  email:
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